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What is a Corporate Wellness Program?

Nutritional Education & Workshops

Nutrition Seminars & Workshops

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Given today’s busy, hectic lifestyle of most people, we know that it’s a challenge to take the time to eat properly and get some exercise. Our Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to provide nutritional education and healthy meal planning for employees or community organizations. Our registered dietitian/nutritionist provides on-site one on one or group discussions, nutrition seminars, workshops, or cooking demonstrations at a meeting or over lunch and learn.

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Coverage for Nutrition Counseling by Most Major Insurance Plans

You may not have out-of-pocket costs due to most insurance plans offering 100% coverage for nutrition counseling.

Our Dietitians Provides a Wide Range of Nutrition Counseling & Wellness Solutions

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Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Dietary Counseling

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Our Mission

MD Nutrition and Lifestyle provides personalized nutritional services that assist clientele in creating a lifestyle that offers optimal health, well-being and vitality to help you feel your best.

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Clinical Dietitian

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

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Check Out What Clients Say

We work with our clients to offer them a personalized pathway to becoming their best selves through optimal nutrition, health, and wellness practices.

”Working with Mara really help me understand what foods to eat and how to manage my diabetes. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much.”
-Mrs. Jp
“Mara really listened and cared about helping me.”
-Miss WS