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Nutritionist Services

We offer a wide variety of nutritionist services including nutritional counseling for our clients and patients in a 1:1 setting or a group. MD Nutrition & Lifestyle, LLC, will provide you with a Registered Dietitian (RD)/ Nutritionist to help you meet your nutritional needs.

You will meet with a dietitian for one on one instruction and counseling regarding necessary lifestyle changes associated with food. Your Dietitian will help you manage your nutrition-related conditions, including diabetes, depression, cholesterol, and bariatric support through medical nutrition therapy.

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Coverage for Nutrition Counseling by Most Major Insurance Plans

You may not have out-of-pocket cost due to most insurance plans offering 100% coverage for nutrition counseling.

Our Dietitians Provides a Wide Range of Coaching and Counseling Services

nutritionist services

Health Issues:

Food Allergies


Health Coaching


Nutrition as we age & Long-term care


Wellness Counseling

Our Mission

MD Nutrition and Lifestyle provides personalized nutritional services that assist clientele in creating a lifestyle that offers optimal health, well-being and vitality to help you feel your best.

Treatment Preferences


Clinical Dietitian

Counsultant Dietitian

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Nutritionist

Treatment Techniques

Adult Weight Management Certification

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Menu Planning

Mindful Eating

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Therapy

Check Out What Clients Say

We work with our clients to offer them a personalized pathway to becoming their best selves through optimal nutrition, health, and wellness practices.

”Working with Mara really help me understand what foods to eat and how to manage my diabetes. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much.”
-Mrs. Jp
“Mara really listened and cared about helping me.”
-Miss WS